Heiko Christian Reissig

Singer (Tenor), Actor, Stage-director

It all started some years ago with a self-made puppet theatre and the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, in which a nineteen-year-old was playing Hansel for the first time on a major theatre stage. Now this stage, which to each and every actor and singer across the world means so much, has been his life and dedication ever since.
After graduating from high school he moved to Berlin where he took up drama pratice -- among other subjects -- in the Friedrichstadtpalast. He thereafter enrolled in the Music and Drama School in Leipzig, Berlin and Munich, where he earned an Honours' Degree in various fields of expertise such as classical singing (as tenor), acting, dancing, stagecraft, the performing arts, the history and didactics of music and of drama.
Various practical courses and experiences in stage-directing led him meanwhile to meet August Everding, Harry Kupfer, Ruth Berghaus and Einar Schleef among other personalities.
His first contracts as a fully qualified singer and actor included those with the Berlin Comic Opera, the Städtebundtheater in Hof (Bavaria), and the Musical Stage in the Leipzig Opera.
A versatile free-lance artist, he is currently working with various theatres and festivals in the German-speaking area as well as taking part in manifold screen and television productions. Several concert tours took him as far as Japan, Mexico and the United States of America.
In the course of his career he has frequently acted, performed, danced and sung alongside famous and well-beloved artists and singers, such as the UFA-stars Ilse Werner and Johannes Heesters, Bonita Glenn, Yehudi Menuhin, Waltraut Haas, Thomas Gottschalk, Ks. Heinz Zednik, Ks Rainer Suss or Friedrich Schoenfelder.
Aside from his chief activity as a singer and actor, his many-sided talents led him to develop an interest in, and then work as, director and producer, screenplay and script-writer, emcee, composer, singing master and manager, for each of which speciality he has had actual professional experience.
Since 1995 he has been honorary president of the International Society for the Promotion of Young Artists of the Stage; moreover he has been in charge of the Elbland Festival (in the province of Brandenburg) since 1999, which makes him the youngest festival director in Germany so far.
His charismatic personality as well as his throbbing, sensitive voice enable him to make contrasts a living aesthetic experience. One of the most lasting characteristics of his art besides, consists in the humorous side of his work and performance, whatever role he interprets: whether he embodies a mutable, changeful character with a capacity for self-renewal and metamorphosis or a jester or buffoon, he is thoroughly free from any kind of "pigeon-hole" thinking, just as he rejects the artificial separation between the so-called "entertaining" and "serious" arts.
Thanks to his very endearing charm, his wit, and his genuine proficiency, he constantly surprises and carries away his public. As a critic declared once " his inborn cheerfulness is most entertaining and makes people yearn for more."
Heiko Reissig, a lovable young artist of the "old school" invites us to a wonderful world of entertainment.


1990 - 1997 * College of music and drama, Leipzig
Studies in drama and acting with Associate Prof. Herbert Trautsch
Classical singing course with Associate Prof. Wolfgang Büttner
* College of music " Hanns Eisler " in Berlin (with leaving certificate)
Singing course with Prof. Renate Krahmer and Scot Weir
Piano, conducting, Didactic, history of drama, elocution course.
* Academy of music and drama Munich (certificate)
Acting course with Marshall Reinolds
Singing course with Prof Adalbert Kraus and Hanno Blaschke
Course in operatic works with Prof. Peter Kertz. Elocution course with actor and Prof. Manfred Ball
Directing with Prof. August Everding and the Bavarian Drama Academy.

MAJOR COURSES (a selection)

1986 * summer course in modern dancing at the Palucca Schule in Dresden (Prof. Palucca)
1987 * summer course DEFA- Animated Cartoon studio Dresden Participation in/conception of animated cartoons
1990 * Acting/interpretation with Prof. Curt Malm/Walter Berry - Academy of Music and the Performing Arts Vienna.
1991 * Summer course (singing/interpretation) with Prof. Hanne-Lore Kuhse - HfM Weimar
1993 * Conducting studios - Prof. Ruth Berghaus, State Theatre Cottbus.
1994 * Major course in singing with Prof. Elizabeth Schwarzkopf - HfM Berlin
1995 * Course in directing - Prof. Harry Kupfer (Academy of Arts)
1996 * Major course with Prof. Peter Schreier - HfM Berlin
1996 * Major course in singing with Prof. Louisa Bosaballian - HfM Munich
1999 * Singing course with Prof. Hans Hotter - HfM Berlin.
2002 * Tuition in acting and performing/camerawork at the Maximilian Schell Academy for Film Studies.
since 2003 * private study of singing with Nicolai Gedda (Sweden)


1986 * "Ich liebe dich - April - April" / Director: Iris Gusner / DEFA
1989 * "Coming out" / Director: Heiner Carow / DEFA
1995 * "Late Night Show" / Director: various / RTL
1996 * "Spiegelbild" / Director: Susanne Voigt / ZDF
1998 * "Silvestergala" / Director: various / MDR
1999 * "Ultima Thule" / Director: Holger Mandel / MFP
2000 * "Konfetti-Club" / Director: various / ORF
2001 * "Streit um drei" / Director: Michael Hundhammer / ZDF
2001 * "Zauber einer Sommernacht" / Director: Karl-Heinz Boxberger / ORB
2002 * "Mondscheinträumereien" / Director: Karl-Heinz Boxberger / ORB


1976 * State Theatre in Parchim
"Hänsel und Gretel" ( Hänsel )
1990-1992 * Tourneetheatre 66
Shakespeare: "A Midsummer Night's Dream " ( Puck )
Wedekind: "Frühlingserwachen" ( Moritz Stiefel )
1995 National Opera Berlin
Mozart: "The Magic Flute " ( Assistant director under Prof. August Everding )
1997 * Theater im Palais Berlin
"Operette sich wer kann" ( Director )
as of 1994 * stage and performing contracts as singer, actor and moderator in various productions:
Städtebundtheater in Hof, Görlitz Theatre, Gera Theatre, Comic Opera in Berlin, New Stage in Halle Lepizig Opera, Musical, E.T.A Hoffmann - Bamberg Theatre, Altenburg Theatre, Chemnitz Opera, Flensbug Theatre, Festival of the Lake in Mörbisch (Österreich), The Small Theatre in Bonn, the Festival of the Elb District (Elblandsfestspiele), State Stage of the Rhineland Palatinate, Komödie Theatre in Nuremberg, etc.
since 1995 * Chairman of the International Society for the Promotion of Young Performing Artists - BühnenReif (ISSA)
since 1999 * Artistic direction and financial management of the Elbland Festival in Wittemberge
2000 * "Feuerwerk der Musen" ( director )
2001 * "Zauber einer Sommernacht" ( director )
2002 * "Mondscheinträumereien" ( director )


1994 * Finalist of the International Song Contest " Toti dal Monte " ( Italy )
1995-1998 * Fellowship recipient of the Yehudi Menuhin Promoting Project. (LMD)
1997-1999 * Fellowship recipient of the Gloria von Thurn und Taxis Foundation
2000 * BühnenReif - Promotion Prize for young artists of the new generation.
2001 * Honorary Diploma of the Vienna-based Robert Stolz International Society.
2002 * Festival Prize " Die Elbenmelodie ".